Does heavy duty drawer slides rust easily?

   Let’s  understand the main cause of rust on heavy duty slide rails. The rusting of metals is mainly due to the reaction with oxygen and water. When the slide way is in the wet environment or contact with water for a long time, the surface of the slide way will oxidize and rust will appear. In addition, the sliding track surface damage, pollution or attachment is also an important factor leading to rust. The effect of rust on heavy slide rail can not be ignored. Slight rusting may affect the appearance of the slide, while severe rusting may reduce the load-bearing capacity of the slide or even cause it to break during use. In addition, rust will increase friction, reduce the service life of the slide.

  In the production process, we choose cold-rolled steel strip Q235 as the main material, and use after 48 hours of salt spray test of electroplating process, so that our products corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance,

  in order to prevent heavy rail rust, we can take a series of effective precautions. First, keeping the rails clean is the key. Use a soft brush regularly to remove dirt and debris from the track surface to reduce contact with oxygen and moisture. At the same time, regular inspection of the surface conditions of the slide, once found damage or rust, should be immediately handled. In a word, the rust of heavy-duty slide rail is a problem needing attention. By keeping clean, regular inspection and maintenance, proper design and use, and using antirust agent, it can effectively prevent the slide track from rusting and ensure its normal and safe operation. For any mechanical components, good maintenance and maintenance are the key to extend their service life. It is hoped that this paper can provide useful reference and help for the users in preventing the rust of heavy-duty slide rails.

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